Ambler Comics & Games at Main Street

Are you into Comic Books, Magic Cards or Board Games? If so, there is a new store in Ambler you’re going to want to visit!  Ambler Comics & Games at Main Street opened this past Saturday and owners Bevan and Bryan Bristow (yes, they’re brothers) are excited to engage with Ambler’s Comic Loving, Trading Card Gaming community.





There are plans for Magic: The Gathering tournaments, Pokemon tournaments and maybe Dungeons and Dragons, depending on interest. The brothers are also open to requests. The store is located 32 N. Main Street in Ambler and is open all week – 11 am to 9 pm during the week and Saturdays. On Sunday they are open until 6 pm.

We also need to mention that Ambler Comics & Games at Main Street has an extensive trading card section not devoted to gaming. You can find Star Wars Cards, X-men Cards, Garbage Pail Kids and more. We “needed” to mention it because we bought a few packs of Star Wars cards during our visit and “pulled” the card below out of one of the packs. Turns out, the card is currently listed on ebay for prices ranging between $300-$479 dollars. We think we may be returning…