Ambler’s Simplex Health seeks to raise $3 million

The Philadelphia Business Journal recently published an article on Simplex Health, an Ambler(Lower Gwynedd)-based company with a mission to “prevent and reverse chronic disease by delivering insurance-funded access to medical nutrition therapy that treats the person, not the symptom.” The company is located within Ambler Yards.

From the article:

Eight years ago, David Rambo was diagnosed with an aggressive form of type 2 diabetes.

His battle with the disease not only set Rambo on a path that led him to reverse what is typically a chronic health condition, it also resulted in his formation of a health care company.

That company, Simplex Health of Ambler, is a medical nutrition provider that takes a “food as medicine” approach to help patients with a variety of health conditions such as hypertension, high cholesterol, digestive health problems and diabetes.

Further down in the article it discusses the company’s plan to raise $3 million in a Series B round. You can find the full article here.

Photo: Simplex Health