Ballot drop-off boxes open October 3rd, one located in Fort Washington

Montgomery County will open 11 secure ballot drop-off boxes throughout the county on October 3rd. Completed mail-in ballots and absentee ballots may be placed in the secure ballot boxes, which will then be delivered daily to Montgomery County’s Voter Services department, and date stamped when they are received.

The 11 locations can be found here. The local location for the Ambler area is the Upper Dublin Municipal Building located at 801 Loch Alsh Avenue in Fort Washington.

“Due to concerns over the spread of COVID-19, we still see a high demand for mail-in voting, and mail delivery times are slower than normal,” said Kenneth E. Lawrence Jr., Chair, Montgomery County Board of Elections. “We are doing everything we can to help voters meet the November 3 General Election Day deadline by providing these secure ballot drop-off boxes.” 

The deadline to apply for a mail-in ballot is October 27th by 5:00 p.m.

Photo: Montgomery County