Centre Square Fire Company launches volunteer campaign

Centre Square Fire Company consists of a great social network of men and women in Whitpain Township who, although busy with their careers, volunteer and provide 24/7 emergency service. Keeping up with CSFC’s reputation of excellence requires a constant search for highly valued volunteers. Therefore, Centre Square Fire Company has launched a four-year recruitment campaign to grow the volunteer base.

To kick off the campaign, all volunteers participated in a branding process intended to differentiate Centre Square from other fire companies and pique the interest of the community. A play on the letters CSFC which stands for Centre Square Fire Company, the tagline “Community. Service. Friendship. Commitment. Volunteer at CSFC!” was created. The tagline highlights values that are important to Centre Square Fire Company and what new members can find upon their acceptance. This primary design also features a blue bell as a nod to the Blue Bell area they serve as well as including the fire company’s seal. A secondary tagline “Proudly serving Whitpain Township since 1913” will also be prevalent throughout the campaign.

“This campaign will allow the community to see what we value and how much we care about helping our community,” said Lieutenant Matt Kozeniewski. ”We are excited to be able to get our message out and welcome many new volunteers to our fire company.”

A new recruitment website, CentreSquareFire.org, will be used throughout the campaign to learn more about the fire company and the opportunities available. Website visitors can fill out a short inquiry form to express their interest in volunteering.  In addition, social media management, yard signs, brochures, a targeted face-to-face recruitment program, video testimonials, and more are included in the campaign.

Centre Square Fire Company’s recruitment campaign will run for four years and comes at no cost to taxpayers. This is being funded in its entirety through the Staffing for Adequate Fire & Emergency Response (SAFER) grant by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

Volunteer Opportunities for Everyone

Whether it is responding to fire calls, helping behind the scenes, or doing administrative work, everyone has skills that can be used at Centre Square Fire Company. People interested in getting involved should keep in mind that no prior experience is necessary. Firefighters train weekly at the station as well as learn cutting-edge skills at Montgomery County Fire Academy or Bucks County Fire Academy.

“With the significant call volume and other demands at CSFC, additional volunteers will ease the burden placed on the current membership and ensure the long tradition of being a mostly volunteer organization for years to come,” said Fire Chief Lee Miller.

The following opportunities are available:

  • Firefighter – Volunteer firefighters protect lives and property by providing fire and rescue services in Whitpain Township and mutual aid to neighboring fire departments.  
  • Junior Firefighter – Teens ages 16-17 can start making a difference at a young age by performing exterior groundwork at fire calls such as running hoses, laddering buildings and grabbing tools for firefighters.
  • Fire Police – Fire police control traffic at the scene of emergencies to keep firefighters and first responders safe.
  • Administrative Member – Also known as corporate members, administrative members keep the fire company up and running behind the scenes. Tasks include record keeping, overseeing the property, event planning, and more.

To bring attention to the need for more volunteers, Centre Square Fire Company hired the services of The Communication Solutions Group Inc., a full-service public relations and marketing firm based in Jenkintown, Pa. The company successfully runs recruitment campaigns for local fire and rescue organizations including Ringing Hill Fire Company, Norriton Fire Engine Company, and Harmonville Fire Company.

For more information or to fill out an inquiry form, visit www.CentreSquareFire.org