Developer to make informal presentation on last undeveloped parcel of former Unisys campus

During a Tuesday, February 2nd meeting, Ironwood Development Corporation will make an informal presentation to the Whitpain Township Board of Supervisors. The presentation involves a plan to develop the property known as “Parcel D” at 795 Jolly Road, which is the undeveloped portion of the former Unisys campus. In the above photo, the property is shaded in green.

According to a Philadelphia Business Journal article from 2018, the parcel is 27 acres and zoning would allow a building of more than 390,000 square feet.

Please note that the developer hasn’t filed any type of application and it is just taking the temperature of the Board of Supervisors and the public. It is not known whether this is a presentation involving commercial, residential, or a mix of uses. If a formal application is submitted it would have to go through a review process.

The meeting is Tuesday, February 2nd at 6:00 p.m. and will be held virtually. To join the meeting follow this link.