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  1. Breeders – A Comedy Show Based On Your Parenting Stories

    Comedy, Hosted By The Lab

  2. Took place on Friday, October 8th, 2021 @ 8:30pm
  3. The Lab
    85 East Butler, Ambler, PA
  4. "Have you considered something other than chicken nuggets?"

    "Where are your pants?"

    "Can this wait until I am out of the bathroom?"

    In turns tender, real and laugh out loud, BREEDERS takes audience stories from the front lines of parenting and spawns them into fully developed scenes on the spot.

    Grab some beers or beverages, your fellow parent buddies and come join us as we laugh at this terrible and wonderful thing we've gotten ourselves into.

    This show features fellow parents Jabari Dortch, Erica Gooch, Tom Kelly, Kathleen Carlin Montrey, Erika May McNichol, Micheline McManus, Bob McNichol and Eoin O'Shea.

    BYOB - Please support our local breweries and distilleries!

    COVID 19 Safety: Per CDC and Montgomery County guidance, masks are required of audience members when not drinking. Air purifiers will run during and between shows, and all performers are fully vaccinated and unmasked during the show. Limited seats will be sold in advance of the show, and we may release additional seats closer to the showtime if there are not mandates on reduced capacity. Follow us on social media for updates on additional ticket release the week of the show.

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