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  1. Free Bubble Festival Hosted By Parry Coffee Roasters In Ambler

    Hosted By Parry Coffe Roasters & Grandpop Bubbles

  2. Took place on Saturday, October 21st, 2017 from 10:00am to 1:00pm
  3. pin Hide Map 224 S Maple St, Ambler, PA 19002
    pin Hide Map 224 S Maple St, Ambler, PA 19002
  4. Parry Coffee Roasters are glad to sponsor Grandpop Bubbles and his amazing "Free Bubble Festival" at their "OPEN HOUSE" for all kids-at-heart in our community. Come make GIANT BUBBLES for FREE!... Tour Parry Coffee Roasters' plant... sample fine coffees. You bring the kids... and GRANDPOP BUBBLES will bring his bubble wands, tristrings, poles, basins, buckets, and 40 Gallons of SPECIAL BUBBLE JUICE for all to enjoy bubbling. You may borrow Grandpop Bubbles' bubble wands and 2', 4', and 6' bubbling poles to make bubbles. Enjoy the giant bubbles from Grandpop Bubbles' 10' – 16’ – and now 20’ poles -- Bubbles can be 10', 20', 30', even 50' long! See cascades of bubbles and enjoy a Bubble Blizzard. There will be more bubbles than any mob can pop. There will be so many things for the kids and kids-at-heart to do... ~~ Make BUBBLES and BUBBLE RAINBOWS! ~~ Try to escape the GHOST OF BLOB. ~~ Run away from GHOSTS, DRAGONS, WHALES, and DINOSAURS! ~~ Pop all the cars of a BUBBLE TRAIN if you can! ~~ Hit the floor with DANCING BUBBLES! ~~ Come DRIZZLE or SHINE -- (rain goes through my bubbles). ~~ Weather forecasts won't tell you, but Grandpop Bubbles predicts that the weather phenomenon he calls the BUBBLE BLIZZARD may occur... (about every half hour). Poppers will freak out! ----------------- Parents are welcome to supervise their kids as they make bubbles. A few KINDNESSES are in order, so teach your children the following before coming and while bubbling... 1. BORROW Grandpop's gear to make bubbles. Children sometimes bring their own wands and use his juice. No running with wands or tristrings or popping with wands or tristrings, or throwing things at bubbles. 2. "FROTH in the mix is not good for bubbles," so teach your children, "DON'T STIR the bubble mix." Rather, just press the wand to the bottom of the bucket and slide out slowly, sideways is best. Stirring makes too much froth ("bubble poop") and it hurts the making of big bubbles, so we have BFA's ("Basin & Froth Attendants" occasionally use the "Pooper Scoopers" to collect froth and put it aside in buckets. 3. We like "POPPERS" even though many bubblers will ask poppers to kindly quit popping their bubbles. So Grandpop Bubbles kindly makes a million bubbles for poppers to pop. Only pop with fingers and noses. no swinging or throwing stuff, OK? 4. Perhaps you can "Let the GIANT Bubbles Live!" (a.) - If the bubble is smaller than you then go ahead and POP IT! (b.) - If it is bigger than you, consider letting it LIVE so people can admire the beauty! (c.) - Then, instead of popping the big and giant bubbles, try to get under them to BLOW into them to make little bubbles inside the big bubbles. Grandpop Bubbles has blown more than 15 bubbles into big bubbles. It's more fun than popping and it lets the giant bubbles live longer so we can enjoy their shapes and colors. 5. Please do not leave any gear -- wands and tristrings -- on the ground where they may be stepped on and broken. Please return all wands to the wand cart and tristrings to their home as well. Send photos to enter into the next contest to win a FREE BUBBLE PARTY! Bubbly regards! Brian Maloney, Bubble Hotline: 929-BUBBLE-ME (929-282-2536)

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