If you are planning on going to the Philadelphia Flower Show, which is running through Sunday, March 11th, look for the award-winning exhibits designed by Temple Ambler and also McCaffrey’s Market Floral Department.

The Flower Show theme this year is, “Wonders of Water“, and in keeping with that theme, Temple’s exhibit is called, “Within Reach: Unlocking the Legacy of Our Hidden River“.   This exhibit simulates a canal, coal mine and a freshwater tidal marsh using more than 50 species of plants indigenous to Pennsylvania throughout. Landscape Architect students and faculty utilized: crushed asphalt, scorched cedar planks meant to simulate the look of an underground coal seam, steel, rusted corrugated sheet metal, and PVC pipes to construct a tidal marker that represents the hourly change in the Schuylkill’s water levels in a 24-hour period.  They carefully cultivated over 50 plant species that are indigenous to Pennsylvania, all of which were grown at Temple Ambler’s campus.

Within Reach: Unlocking the Legacy of Our Hidden River” was awarded a Pennsylvania Horticultural Society Silver Medal, the Chicago Horticultural Society Flower Show Medal and a Special Achievement Award of the Garden Club Federation of Pennsylvania.  Take a look at the video below of the intricate design process:

Video from Temple Ambler Facebook

McCaffrey’s Food Market in Blue Bell also received awards at this year’s flower show in the following categories:

Philly in bloom” a business entry by McCaffreys, won Best First Time Entry. Designed by Joe LePosa and floral team.

McCaffrey’s entry in the galleria category, “singing in the rain” won
first place. Designed by Joe and Rose LePosa

McCaffrey’s entry in the pedestal category is called, “land and sea“, a duo design which has two separate sides to the same floral arrangement. Land and Sea was awarded second place.

Photos courtesy of McCaffrey’s Flower Department