Experimental electric 4-wheeler stolen in Ambler. Could pose danger of starting fire

Glynnis Siskind, who is president of Ambler’s Borough Council, posted on the Ambler Then & Now group on Facebook information on the theft of an experimental electric 4-wheeler that was stolen from Ambler Electric Vehicle on January 10th. The vehicle has a damaged battery pack and there is a concern if the vehicle is tampered it could catch fire.

The owner is offering to not ask questions if the vehicle is returned.

Below is what was posted on Facebook:


At 7:10pm Monday 1/10, two people stole a 4-wheeler from outside behind Ambler EV at 207-211 S. Main St. It doesn’t run and they walked it away down S. Main towards Knight Park.

This is an experimental electric vehicle with a damaged battery pack. If it is tampered with it could catch on fire! Keeping it indoors is extremely dangerous!

If anyone knows where it is, please contact Ambler Police ASAP and/or encourage them to take it back to Ambler EV ASAP. NO questions asked!

The police can be reached at (215) 643-6444.