‘Feine Coffee Opens at Ambler Yards with Cozy, Industrial Vibe

‘Feine Coffee opened it’s second location at Ambler Yards today in an Open House for family and friends. Owner, Daniela de Souza reimagined the historic manufacturing plant at Ambler Yards into a super-cozy, industrial vibe, even re purposing the building’s original light fixtures that hang from the ceiling above the indoor space. Daniela definitely succeeded in making this space feel like a great place to collaborate, take a break or meet friends.

Tomorrow, ‘Feine will open its doors to the public from 8am-4pm daily. Those hours will change once construction is finished.

‘Feine’s collection of handcrafted drinks are their staple, but they are also serving sandwiches with amazing breads from Philly bread Co., salads and soups. We noticed handcrafted detox teas and waters, beautifully packaged, lining part of their fridge, along with a generous selection of drinks, snacks and muffins.

‘Feines signature is their Espresso made with single origin Brazilian beans, but will be offering two different coffees every day, and will soon be roasting their own on site.

‘Feine is located at 300 Brookside Ave in building 20. Put Ambler yards in your gps. Because there is some construction going at Ambler yards, there are navigational signs to direct you to ‘Feine. It is best to drive in through entrance 3, park and follow the signs to gate C (for coffee of course).