It’s Girl Scout Cookie time!

It is Girl Scout Cookie time! Due to the pandemic, you won’t find the scouts working a table out in front of busy businesses this year, so you have to order online.

Each scout gets her own link, so she gets credit for the order. The cookies are shipped or dropped off.

Below are a few local scouts and their links. If you want to support the scouts, but don’t want to eat the cookies, you can also make a donation via the links as well.

Avelina from Ambler
Hello, my name is Avelina! I live in Ambler and I love being a Girl Scout. This is my fourth year with Troop 7278 and I’m very much looking forward to all the new adventures we have planned this year. Every cookie order gets us one step closer to accomplishing our goals. We have a new cookie this season, Yay Toast. and this is the last year for S’mores. If you’d like to place a cookie order and support my troop, please click on my link.
Order from Avelina