Letter Describes Contentious Negotiations Between Wissahickon School Board and Teachers Union

A letter that was sent today to the membership of the Wissahickon Education Alliance, the teachers union, describes contentious negotiations between the union and the 8-1 Democratic Party led Wissahickon School Board. The teachers are currently in the last year of their contract.

Within the letter, the Wissahickon School Board’s position on the terms provided by the union are described by the union’s co-presidents as “unwavering” and “corrosive and belligerent.” The co-presidents go on to accuse the board of bullying and sending teachers the message that “you are of no value.”

Next up is a meeting between the school board and union on May 28th or 29th.

Below is the letter. If you have trouble reading it, you can view it in pdf form here.