Lower Gwynedd Police Briefs | Sumneytown Pike CVS Retail Theft

At around 8pm on Thursday, January 17th, the Lower Gwynedd Police Department received a call for a retail theft, “Not in progress”, from the CVS store located at 901 Sumneytown Pike.

The CVS store Manager gave the specifics of the following police report:

…At approximately 7:23, a white male entered the store with a black skinned female. The female was carrying a tan and brown pocketbook/handbag.

The two were captured on video camera taking at least 5 boxes of “Mucinex” over the counter medicine valued at $40.99 each and placed them inside the tan and brown pocketbook/handbag. The total value taken is $204.99. The couple then left the store.

Approximately two minutes after the couple entered the store another black male , entered the store. This male was observed by the CVS store manager walking through the store and going to different areas of the store. The manager decided to go to the front door and observe this male when he left.

The Black male walked up to the cash register with a single roll of paper towels but did not purchase the towels. The male then left the store. The store manager walked outside to try an obtain a vehicle and tag number. As the manager turned the corner, outside the store, he heard a car door shut. The car then backed up and drove away. The manager was able to see a NJ. tag on a gold or tan four door car.

The CVS store manager did not see the male get into the car and could not see any of the occupants. He then went through the store to check for any missing items. He found a large bag filled with $892.57 worth of various items. The store manager stated that he did not see who filled this bag but he believes that the black male had filled this bag due to the male being in that same area. CVS was able to provide pictures of all the suspects