MCCC Blue Bell grad and University of Hawaii student feat. by CBS, 100 killed by Maui wildfires as of Tuesday

CBS Philadelphia recently interviewed Cheyenne Diehl, a 2022 graduate of Montgomery County Community College in Blue Bell, about how to help those affected by the island’s devastating wildfires which have killed nearly 100 in the town of Lahaina on Maui, Hawaii. 

“I did not sleep well that night,” Diehl said. “It’s happening in the dark. You can’t see the extent of the devastation, but you know it’s going to be bad.”

Diehl is finishing her anthropology degree at the University of Hawaii.

From the article:

She was safe a hundred miles away on the island of Oahu. However, she had friends in and near the charred town of Lahaina. She said the big problem was many tourists were still in the area. She said that made it harder for emergency workers to do their jobs while search crews were still finding bodies in the rubble. 

For the full story, you can click here. You can also watch CBS’ video coverage below: