Pet Of The Week | Mace Toth

The Pet of the Week is a loving Pitbull named Mace Toth.  Mace’s family wrote a little bit about him below:

My submission for Pet of the Week is our family’s courageous K9, Mace Toth! He’s a 10 year old pitbull with the spunk and energy of a puppy, but the patience and mannerisms of a senior dog.
Not only does he do an incredible job playing with cats, children, and adults alike, but he also loves to get dressed up! Most larger breeds give a fuss about their mother taking over fifty pictures, but he shines in the spot light. He might not stop a burglar from breaking in, but we’ll still take our goofy protector over any other pup any day! Aside from his twenty names (in which he responds to all of them) Mace love to make people happy, but then again, don’t all dogs? Hope he makes you happy, too!

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