Pet Of The Week | Jezabelle

For the first time, we have a cat as our Pet Of The Week, her name is Jezabelle. Jezabelle’s owner, Pat, writes:

Jezabelle, an avid fan of “Around Ambler”, feels it’s high time a feline basks in the Pet of The Week spotlight. “JB”, as she’s known to close friends and family members, is a princess…and she knows it! Her eyeliner is always perfect, and she deigns to sit on her human’s lap only if her special red pillow is first placed upon that lap. A benevolent ruler, Jezabelle is a twelve-year-old Maine Coon and is polydactyl – she has an extra toe on each paw. She loves paper bags, drinking from the faucet, and mint dental floss; she despises an empty food bowl. In order to keep that kibble flowing, JB begrudgingly allows her caretaker to work outside the castle as the business manager at Act II Playhouse in Ambler…where she understands they put on some darn good shows, despite a baffling lack of cats in starring roles.

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