Pike Fest co-chairs resign over event’s uncertainty

During the February 11th meeting of Lower Gwynedd’s Board of Supervisors, Mark Grey (R), Danielle Duckett (D) and Tessie McNeely (D) voted for a second time against a motion to schedule Pike Fest for a Saturday on Bethlehem Pike. Kathleen Hunsicker (R) and Edward Brandt (R) supported it.

The event attracted about 4,000 people last year. Some business owners along Bethlehem Pike have expressed concerns with the event due to their clients not being able to directly access their businesses when the event is held.

In response to the February 11th vote, the co-chairs of the Pike Fest Committee, Larry Altman and Kathy Morris resigned from the committee. The committee members are appointed by the Board of Supervisors.

From Larry Altman’s resignation letter (full letter):

Yet the delays, misinformation, and rancor over this year’s fest have left me, Kathy Morris, and the committee saddened and disillusioned. I suppose I’ll never fully understand why a few people are intent on undoing what has taken years to build, but it’s not a battle I can continue to wage.

From Kathy Morris’ resignation letter (full letter):

I am saddened by the recent developments concerning the future of Pike Fest. I eagerly agreed in November to Co-Chair the Pike Fest Committee with Larry Altman. Volunteering over the last few years, I experienced the goodwill that was generated from this wonderful community event,
serving both the businesses and the residents. I have not witnessed that goodwill over the last few weeks. I am concerned about the Township’s future leadership.

More to come.