Setting the Barre High | RISE Barre and Fitness | Sponsored Content

The local barre scene has really heated up since RISE Barre & Fitness opened in 2016 in Spring House.  Prior to their opening, only a few studios in the area offered pilates and yoga inspired workouts featuring strength exercises performed while holding onto a ballet barre.  Then Ali Rossi and Jeannine Garrick came along with their athletic, high energy version of a barre workout and opened RISE Barre & Fitness.  It ignited an explosion!

What makes this studio RISE above the rest… the ladies behind it all.  Ali, Jeannine, and the entire team at RISE have taken the barre experience to new levels.  RISE workouts will make you sweat, burn, and shake…yet you’ll find yourself smiling and enjoying yourself through it all.

Grateful and humbled by the success, Ali and Jeannine believe it’s all about positivity!  “We want to make people feel good and strengthen not just your body but your mindfulness too.”  And there’s no denying the positivity and friendliness rooted in it’s existence from the minute you walk through the door.  “The quote ‘we rise by lifting others’ is so powerful and meaningful to us.  Being kind and upbeat, making personal connections, helping others achieve that feeling of accomplishment, strength, and rejuvenation…that’s what it’s all about!”

Photo: Deana Clement Photography

The classes at RISE regularly fill up well in advance, attracting women, girls (and some men) of ALL ages and fitness abilities. The RISE method takes an athletic approach to barre work, combining elements of strength and resistance training, yoga and pilates into a challenging yet fun, full-body workout.  It offers high-intensity, low impact movements that deliver results.

There is often the misconception that you have to have dance experience or be in prime shape to do barre classes.  This isn’t the case at RISE.  Clients range in age from 14-75 (even younger for their youth programs).  Modifications throughout all classes allow for beginners, pregnant women, and those with or recovering from injuries to participate. Classes are choreographed to upbeat music in an hour-long session of calorie-burning fun.

 Photo: Deana Clement Photography

We asked Ali and Jeannine for some advice on how you can make 2018 the year you finally step up to the barre and their answer was simple.  “Give it a try.  Better yet, grab a friend and try it together.”  Which is how it began for the two of them in 2014 when Ali convinced Jeannine to take her barre class.  “We know it can be intimidating to try something new, especially if you have no idea what to expect or don’t have any experience with group exercise classes. We often say, showing up is the hardest part. But once you do, you’ll be glad you did.”

 Photo: Deana Clement Photography

More than just a workout, RISE is a fitness community that inspires clients to challenge each other, sweat together, and develop relationships inside and outside the studio. It’s the friendly, welcoming environment and empowering atmosphere that really sets their barre high above the rest…and we encourage you to see for yourself and reserve your spot in a class today!

RISE Barre & Fitness additional studio services and amenities include:  Retail store (apparel from lululemon, Alo, Z Supply, and RISE merchandise);  Childcare services during their weekday morning classes; Wellness Workshops; Private classes and trainings; Private Events and Birthday Parties; Young RISERS youth programs; and new for 2018 is the debut of their RISE Wellness Program.

RISE Barre & Fitness is located at 821 N. Bethlehem Pike in Spring House.  More information can be found on their website: or call 215-646-1288.  Your first class is FREE!