Thank heaven for…stolen credit cards?

If you live in Ambler Borough proper or in the immediate surrounding area, your choices for gassing up your vehicle are limited. Most of us, out of desire or necessity, fill up at either of the two gas stations catty-cornering Butler Ave. and Bethlehem Pike. Until recently, pretty much the only difference between the two was a few cents in the price of petrol. However, over the past 6 months, many who decided to “thank heaven for 7-Eleven” feel like they’ve come away with more than a full tank and celestial gratitude. Several people believe who have had their credit card numbers stolen believe the common link was their visit to 7-Eleven.

A recent conversation on the Ambler Then and Now Facebook page has Ambler area residents sounding off on their experiences. While no one can prove for certain that there is something rotten at the convenience store, many who have used their credit cards at the pumps are feeling the inconvenience of having to dispute wild charges with their banks. 15 people (including the author of this article) in the conversation have claimed to have had their credit card numbers stolen as of the writing of this article. Comments included –

Lisa M. posted: “I never use a credit card there but I was in a jam and had to on 12/30. On 1/15 I got a call from my bank fraud protection someone was trying to charge $1 at a Wawa in NJ.”

Pat S. posted: “My husband hadn’t used his card in ages, went to 7-11 to get gas, within 2 days his card was being used in Florida! 7-11 is the only place he had used it.”

Wendy B. also had her card used in Florida: “The Florida one was at a Pet Store that was $300 total. The other I forget but they went to the casinos they got gas fill-ups etc. You could literally track the trip.”

Per the same conversation, evidently the 7-Eleven, which is in Upper Dublin, has been less than kind to patrons who ask them about the issues. More than one poster in the conversation said that the workers at the store yelled at them when approached about the thefts.

Individuals who have gone to the Upper Dublin Police Department for remedy were told that it was merely a rumor while the Ambler Police Department took a report. So far, the most recent person we know to have their numbers stolen had it happen last week. We plan on monitoring the situation as it develops. If you have had your numbers stolen or have had fraudulent charges on your accounts after using a credit card at the pumps at the 7-Eleven in question, please let us know.