Upper Dublin township and school district issue joint statement on transportation facility

Upper Dublin Township and the Upper Dublin School District issued a joint statement on March 13th regarding the school district’s need for a transportation facility (bus depot) and the potential for that to be paired with the township’s public works building.

The statement shares that representatives of both organizations met to discuss the combination of the projects on township property, but determined that it was not feasible due to the “property being extremely limited.” The township and school district also mention that a past study determined that a joint facility could utilize what is now the Field of Dreams and surrounding property, but that this possibility was ruled out due to the significance of the field.

The township and school district have also ruled out seeking a property that is not currently owned by either entity citing “financial and logistical constraints.”

The statement concludes by stating that the township and the school district have determined that the two projects should be pursued independently.

Below is the text of the statement:

Administration and Board representatives from Upper Dublin Township and Upper Dublin School District met recently to discuss the Township and Public Works Building projects as well as the School District’s need for a transportation facility. This discussion focused on each organization’s needs, and the timing and costs associated in moving the respective projects forward.

Much of the discussion focused on the Township’s plan for the Public Works building, with all participants seeking to identify whether a viable solution exists to pursue a joint facility at that location. With space on the Township property being extremely limited, there is no opportunity to expand the new facility to include the School District transportation facility needs.

Additionally, in past years, the Township and School District examined the possibility of a joint transportation and Public Works facility in an alternate location that can accommodate the space requirements for each user. The space identified, which would provide enough land to build a joint facility, included use of the Field of Dreams. During the recent meeting, representatives from both groups agreed that the Field of Dreams is not an acceptable location for a facility, given the field’s significance to the community.

Representatives also considered alternate sites around the township. Representatives agreed the financial and logistical constraints of pursuing a location not already owned by the School District or Township is not a viable solution at this time. After thoroughly vetting all possible options, School District and Township representatives concluded that, in this instance, each project must be pursued separately.

The Township Manager and Superintendent reinforced the School District and Township’s commitment to continue the longstanding quarterly meetings, attended by staff and elected representatives, to continue to identify areas in which the Township and School District can work together to reveal opportunities to collaborate on behalf of the residents and taxpayers of Upper Dublin.