Breaking News | Lower Gwynedd Police, Montco Bomb Squad and Military Actively Securing Residence with Explosive Devices

Lower Gwynedd Police are on the scene of a residence on the 400 block of Houston Road actively investigating explosive devices that were discovered in the home.

The police have known for a while that the husband owned firearms, which he is legally allowed to own, but when given permission from the wife to search the home today, they have realized there are many other explosive, illegal devices on the property.

The Montgomery County Bomb Squad was called immediately, they are also on the scene, and they have requested the military to come in to clear and secure the residence. As it stands now, all police and bomb squad are awaiting the military’s arrival.

We are told that neither the wife nor the husband of this elderly couple is in the home now, and that the husband is suffering from dementia. The wife was taken to the hospital on a medical emergency, which is when the firearms and explosive devices were seen by the police. As we mentioned, it was the wife who gave the police permission to search the residence.

We will update with the latest as soon as we know more.