MCCC’s Sound Recording and Technology Students Gain Real World Recording and Production Experience

Montco’s Sound Recording and Music Technology program recently provided two hands-on learning opportunities for students to gain real-world recording and production experience.

At the end of their semester, the SRT Program hosted a special live concert featuring the “Soul-Ternative” band AfroBear. The concert was specially organized through collaboration between the SRT Program and Montco Radio, the student-run radio station. Supervised by SRT Director David Ivory, the concert was recorded, mixed and edited by students of the SRT Program.

“Soul-ternative” band, AfroBear, performs a live concert in the Advanced Technology Center felevision studio on Montgomery County Community College’s Central Campus in Blue Bell while students record and produce the concert. Photo by Matthew Moorhead

The concert was the first time the SRT Program conducted a multi-discipline production. The production included students from several classes, including Live Sound Recording and Reinforcement Workshop (SRT 131-231), the Business of Music (MUS 241-242), the Art and Business of Songwriting (MUS 240), Digital Music Technology (MUS 140-141) and Music Production. These students worked with the Communicating Arts and Production Group (CAPG), Montco Radio and the IT Department to produce and distribute the concert.

While the band played in the Advanced Technology Center television studio, the audio was mixed in the Mix Room at Montco and broadcast live over Montco Radio. The concert was also recorded and live-streamed through the MCCCHumanities YouTube Channel.

Montco students record AfroBear concert in the television studio as it is livestreamed on YouTube. The concert provided students with the opportunity to use the knowledge and skills they learned in their classes while working with professionals in the music industry. Photo by Matthew Moorhead

In the television studio, students from the CAPG, Collin Winslow, Owen Jeffers, Hollis Kagan, Raylee Thomas and Brittany Kimak operated the cameras that recorded the concert, navigating equipment to cover the band’s performance. Erin Phelan began the concert with a brief interview with the band before they started playing.

Ivory and SRT Assistant Professor Michael Kelly also organize Masterclasses for students of the SRT program featuring professional musicians sharing their stories and experiences in the music industry. The professors are eager for students to get an understanding of the many aspects of sound and music production.

“This is a model for what students would find while working on internships and jobs in the industry,” Kelly said. “This sets expectations on the part of the student to really focus on the tools and expertise they need to attain to succeed in the industry.”

Students of the Sound Recording and Music Technology program record and play for the MCCC Choir. Photo by Matthew Moorhead

In addition to the live concert, students were able to help with another recording project. On Thursday April 25, the Montco Choir joined the students in the SRT Program to record selections from their recent spring concert. Similar to the AfroBear concert, the choir was set up in the Advanced Technology Center television studio while students of the SRT Program recorded in the Mix Room.

Music Associate Professor Andrew Kosciesza conducts the MCCC Choir in the Advanced Technology Center Television Studio while students in the Sound Recording and Music Technology program record their performance in the mix room studio. Photo by Matthew Moorhead

The group, led by Music Associate Professor Andrew Kosciesza, sang choral arrangements of “Stairway to Heaven” by Led Zeppelin and “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen. The chorus was accompanied by a live rock ensemble featuring two guitars, a piano, a bass and a drum set.

Students involved in the production of the concert and choir recording include Quinn Szente, Reagan Walczak, Nate Leslie, Anthony Olivero, Jen Inzeo, Arran Plaelan, Jen Selfes, Erica Rumers, Matt Mcgeary, Jake Wunderlich, Ray Puskar, Sam Winship, Rashad Reed, Eric Amerine, Erica Bowers, Christopher Boyce, Mike Conway, Corey Mundy, Ngozi Osazuwa, Robert Balfour-Austin, Jessica Blaney, Brian Corey. Avery Fritz, David Hawkins, Brandon Heffley, Brett Mitchell, Patrick Murt and Evan Sennet.

“The driving force of the whole project was to give real-life experience to the students,” Ivory said. “The concert showed the students how all of our classes can participate in an event. It also gave the students from the different departments a chance to work together and to interact with one another.”

The SRT Program offers students a comprehensive background in sound recording, music production and music technology. Students get the opportunity to work in state-of-the-art recording studios and electronic music and computer labs.

Feature photo ©AroundAmbler2019 Director of the Sound Recording and Music Technology Program David Ivory in recording studio with band, Afrobear