Ambler Borough Park Invaded!

Ambler Borough Park is being invaded – not by aliens or killer bees…it’s Japanese Stilt Grass!

When Japanese Stilt Grass invades and area, it crowds out native plant species and can seriously threaten a forest community like Ambler Borough Park. For more information about this wicked weed, click here for a fact sheet. In order to try to combat the invasion, the Ambler EAC is asking for volunteers to help pull the Stilt Grass currently occupying Ambler Borough Park.

From the EAC’s Facebook Event Page:

On Saturday, September 24th, from 9 am to 11 am, a group of volunteers will gather at the Tennis Avenue entrance to Ambler Borough Park to work together to remove the invasive weed called Stilt Grass. With a large group working together we can knock out most of this invasive weed in just a few hours!


Please email to sign up to help keep the park beautiful.

Gloves are recommended and bring water.