Ambler Co-op Announces Possible Sites for Store

In a recent e-mail to Co-op members, the Ambler Co-op has announced that they are considering two possible sites for their brick and mortar store. The first spot is 131 E. Butler Ave. This spot is next to Dettera Restaurant and the Twisters Yoga Studio is upstairs.

From the Ambler Co-op:

Our proposal is to occupy the first floor and the basement. The retail square footage is similar to Weavers Way Chestnut Hill and will include all the major grocery departments, including prepared foods.


We have until September 30 to decide whether to affirm a long-term lease with the option to purchase the building.

There is also another site under consideration, although at the present moment, the Co-op cannot announce where.

Again, from the Ambler Co-op:

It [the alternate site] is also on Butler Ave with parking and ample space. However, we are still in negotiations, so we are not able to share details quite yet. We believe we will be in a stronger position to announce this location in the coming weeks.

Regardless of site, the plan is to open in the Spring of 2017.

Another important announcement from the Co-op is that they currently are occupying office space at the 131 E. Butler Ave. site.

The office will be used for membership recruitment, workshops, meeting space, and events. Stay tuned for a full schedule of office hours where we hope you can drop by and bring a friend to join the Co-op! The office will be managed by our volunteers and our membership coordinator, Katherine Niesen.

Lots of exciting news from the Ambler Co-op.