Ambler EAC Aims to Offset Loss of Trees from St. Mary’s

In an effort to offset the loss of tress from St. Mary’s Villa, the Ambler Environmental Advisory Council is encouraging each borough resident to plant a tree on their property in Ambler and has released the following information:

Many residents in our community felt a sense of loss when so many of the trees at St. Mary’s Villa were cut down to make way for the Mattison Estates development. Now you have a chance to make a difference.

Photo © Chris Raines

Ambler EAC is selling $300 trees for at a deeply discounted rate of $55 ($90 for additional trees) to Ambler Borough residents. The deadline for ordering is September 17, 2019. The trees will be delivered in November when they have the best survival rate. These trees are already 8 feet to 12 feet tall and come with bare roots, not root balls, for easier planting, but need to be planted within a day of delivery.  The Ambler EAC can arrange for volunteers to help residents who request help with planting. 

Photo © Chris Raines

 The Ambler Environmental Advisory Council encourages each borough resident to plant a tree on their property in Ambler to replace trees taken down at St. Mary’s and trees destroyed by the Emerald Ash Borer.

A variety of native trees are available. The discounts are offered through the TreeVitalize project of the Pennsylvania Horticulture Society in their Plant-A-Million effort to restore lost canopy in Pennsylvania. 

Residents who rent are encouraged to ask their landlords if they may plant and care for a tree at their property. Caring for a tree includes watering, mulching and weeding. Landlords usually know that trees increase property values.

Anyone may donate a tree to be planted in a public space.  Imagine walking past a tree knowing that you made it happen. Volunteers can sign up to help plant trees in November or to adopt a public tree by caring for it.

Photo © Salvatore Boccuti

To obtain the list of trees and an application form, please go to , or stop by Borough Hall for a form, or email us at Amblereac@gmail.
We can make a difference. Together, we can all make Ambler a shade better!

Feature photo © Salvatore Boccuti