Ambler Theater to host ‘A Ticket to Ride: Chestnut Hill Amusement Park’ on November 12

Ed Zwicker III and Ed Zwicker IV of the Springfield Township Historical Society will present “A Ticket to Ride: Chestnut Hill Amusement Park” on Sunday, November 12 at 7:00pm at the Ambler Theater.

The event serves as the Society’s fall fundraiser. The story of the park will be told that evening by historical presenters portraying Henry B. Auchy, founder and manager of the park, and Horace Trumbauer, the famous architect of the park’s buildings.

From the description:

Since the park only existed from 1898 until 1911, there is no one alive today who remembers it, but your ticket to ride will take you back through time to join Mr. Auchy and Mr. Trumbauer on a virtual tour of the park, replete with vintage pictures from the park’s heyday. You will learn how and why it was created, visit the amusement rides, meet some of the people who worked there, and hear stories that bring the park to life.

The Zwicker father-son team have previously appeared at the Ambler Theater with the stories of “Whitemarsh Hall” (Stotesbury family) and “Laverock Hill” (Sims-Starr-Lloyd families). They look forward to having you join them once again for this special event!

For tickets, you can click here.