Change in CDC distancing recommendation leads Wissahickon School Board to return to offering five days of in-school instruction

The Wissahickon School Board voted six to two to offer families five-days of in-school instruction, hybrid, or 100% virtual schooling as of April 12th. Those voting against the measure were Board President Joe Antonio and David Frank. One member, Tracie Walsh, did not participate in the meeting.

This decision followed a meeting last week that had Superintendent Dr, James Crisfield recommended not altering its current instructional model. However, later that week the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention amended its COVID-19 guidance to recommend three feet of space between students where it had been previously six feet.

It also followed a survey conducted by the district that saw an increase in the number of families that would like some level of in-school instruction.

The decision mainly impacts grades six to 12 as kindergarten through fifth grade was already offered five days of in-school instruction.

The updated recommendation from the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention did come with a caveat that is tied to the COVID-19 numbers within a community. If the numbers locally go up, the district may need to return to only offering virtual instruction.

The top video is cued to Dr. Crisfield’s presentation.

The video below is cued to the vote.