Did You Know There Are Several Free Library Boxes Throughout Ambler Borough?

Summer is the perfect time to read, and Ambler Borough makes it easy to share and donate books through little libraries that are popping up around our community. There are several small library boxes around town for book lovers to give, take and enjoy books, and some of them are part of a movement called Little Free Library.

The Little Free Library is a non-profit organization that started in 2009 with the idea of donating, sharing and enjoying books in towns across the world. There are Little Free Libraries operating in over 70 countries, and the movement is growing each year.  Ambler Borough has participated in this movement by building their little libraries from old newspaper boxes and installing them at Knight Park, Wahl Playground and Jean Thompson Park.  The Ambler Mennonite Church also operates their own Little Free Library, and their custom painted box is located by the walkway of the church.

All of the libraries located in the parks have just been restocked, however the borough is always looking for book donations.  You can donate books by simply dropping them into the library boxes at each location, or by bringing books directly to Borough Hall where they will be distributed to the boxes that need them the most.

Photo ©Ambler Borough | Little Free Library located at Wahl Playground (map it)


Photo of Little Free Library at the Ambler Mennonite Church (map it)

Photo ©Ambler Borough | Little Free Library at Knight Park (map it)

There is another free library box located on Forest Ave. directly behind Forest and Main. This library is not connected with the Little Free Libraries, but operates the same way…donate, take and enjoy.

Photo ©AroundAmbler.com | Library box located on Forrest Ave. directly behind Forest & Main

Happy reading!