February 5 Ambler Borough Committee Meeting Agenda

There is an Ambler Borough Committee meeting tomorrow night at 7pm at Ambler Borough Hall. There is also an executive session scheduled for 6pm. Some of the topics being discussed, like a Plastics Ordinance, plans for Ambler Square and LED street lighting are below, followed by a link to the entire agenda:

Public Utilities Committee

Butler Pike Water Main Replacement – Staff requests authorization for the Water Department to have the Water Engineer prepare bid documents and advise for the Butler Pike Water Main Replacement Project. This project must be completed in 2019 since the County will replace the Prophecy Creek Bridge during the Spring of 2020. The Water Engineer notes that the original estimate of $471,500 is over a year old. Recommend budgeting $525,000.

Antenna Leases– The Solicitor is requesting authorization to negotiate a lease for the cell towers on Broad Axe and on Houston Road tanks.

Finance and Planning Committee

Parking Improvements – The Committee would like to discuss parking upgrades for 2019

LED Street Lighting – Mike Fuller will make a presentation at the Feb. 19 Council Meeting on the Phase 2 LED Streetlight/metered area lighting conversion project the committee is undertaking with the DVRPC.

Parks and Recreation Committee

Plastics Ordinance –    The Committee would like to explore a possible Plastics Ordinance in the Borough. They will work with the local businesses and discuss options. Attached in the agenda for consideration is a Resolution on single use plastics.

Ambler Square – The Borough has submitted the Ambler Square plans to Montgomery County Conservation and the DEP for review. The engineer will provide an update.

Salary and Personnel Committee

Social Media Policy- The Committee will review a Social Media Policy and Code of Conduct Policy and make a recommendation for adoption.(attached)

See full agenda here.