Forest & Main announces move to Butler Avenue and expanded brewing operation

Forest & Main has announced via Instagram that it is moving from its two locations along North Main Street in Ambler. Don’t worry, it isn’t moving far.

The brewery operation and a taproom will move to an unnamed location further north on North Main Street. In addition, Forest & Main will now have a presence directly on Butler Avenue with a pub at the building (33 East Butler Avenue) that was previously the Ambler Skate Shop.

In the Instagram post, the move was attributed to changes in their business model in response to the pandemic. For example, additional capacity and space were needed for canning and bottling.

About 10 days ago, a pending “brewery storage” license for Forest & Main popped up in the Pennsylvania Liquor Control database for 33 East Butler Avenue in Ambler.

A “brewery storage” license is effectively a sublicense of an existing brewery license. Breweries are allowed to have up to two additional locations that operate under a storage license.

The storage license operates much the same as a regular brewery license. While a brewery is required to use a portion of the location for storage, it can brew and sell its own beer, plus sell beer, cider, wine, and spirits produced in Pennsylvania.

The license transfer for the actual brewery has not yet appeared in the database.

Forest & Main opened at 61 North Main Street in 2012 and in 2018 expanded into a neighboring building which is referred to as the NewSpace. It is currently offering beer-go-go from the NewSpace.

A timeline wasn’t provided on when the move will take place.

Photo: Forest & Main