Get E-Waste and Apparel Collected at your Doorstep with Countywide Partnership Program

Montgomery County residents can now schedule pickups for their electronic waste and apparel to be picked up at their doorsteps.

Retrievr recycling is a Countywide partnership program that provides this service, and most of the time it is free.

Retrievr picks up all clothing and small electronics for free. They do charge a convenience fee to collect the following items:

  • $10 for each Microwave
  • $35 for each standard TV or CRT Computer Monitor
  • $100 for each Extra Large TV, Rear Projection TV or Wooden Cabinet TV

Visit or text the word PICKUP to 757-70-FETCH (757-703-3824) and follow the guided scheduler to set a pick-up date or simply call the number and leave a voice mail.  (This company formerly operated as Curb My Clutter.)