Gypsy Blu sold. The new owner hopes to reopen in two weeks

Conshy Girls Restaurant Group has sold Gypsy Blu to the Ross Restaurant Group, which is led by restaurant industry executive Bob Ross. Ross made an announcement on his Linkedin page, in which he states he hopes to reopen the restaurant within the next two weeks. Ross will continue to operate the restaurant under the Gypsy Blu name.

Conshy Girls Restaurant Group also owns Gypsy Saloon in West Conshohocken, Southern Cross Kitchen in Conshohocken, and Conshy Girls Catering. It opened Gypsy Blu in 2015.

Conshy Girls posted on Gypsy Blu’s Facebook page the following earlier today:

After an amazing five years, Conshy Girls Restaurant Group & Catering has sold Gypsy Blu to Ross Restaurant Group. We will be forever grateful for all the memories and people who made us, the Conshy Girls, feel at home in Ambler. Thank you for all the love you have shown her over the past five years! But, Conshy Girls’ story at Gypsy Blu has come to an end and we wish Bob Ross and his family lots of luck inside the beautiful walls we were so thankful to be a part of for so long. Here at Conshy Girls, we are shifting our main focus to Conshy Girls Catering and you can continue to find us at Gypsy Saloon and Southern Cross Kitchen!

Lastly, please visit Gypsy Blu and show the new owners as much love as you have shown us as the magic will continue to live on there!

xoxo – Conshy Girls

The deal did not include the building, which is owned by Michael Golden, who is also a partner in Conshy Girls Restaurant Group. Golden bought the building in 2015, which had most recently been the home of the restaurant’s Finn McCool’s and 34 East. Historically the building has been known as the Wyndham Hotel, which was built in 1893 and had 45 rooms.

We will post a follow-up when Gypsy Blu gets closer to reopening.

Disclosure – Golden is a partner in Burb Media, LLC, the parent company of