Jarrettown Elementary School has 100,000 pieces of artwork covering 16 years featured in online museum

Jarrettown Elementary School art instructor Sara Farrell showcases her students’ efforts in the art room through Artsonia.com — the largest online student art museum in the world. The online museum displays more than 100,000 pieces of student art from Jarrettown Elementary, creating a lifelong portfolio for local budding artists, and building an extensive online gallery for the school.

When asked how it feels to create a school art gallery of 100,000 artworks, Farrell said, “It’s a bit surreal. I don’t feel as though I’m old enough to have been through so many art lessons, but here we are. I think back to all the different children who have sat in my class, and I am proud that I am given the opportunity to be part of so many children’s lives. It’s very humbling.”

Farrell has been teaching art for more than 18 years. She credits her students for inspiring her passion for art education.

“There is something so special about watching a child’s face light up with that spark of creativity as they have a new idea or make a new discovery,” Farrell said. “I am continually inspired by the energy and ideas of the young people I get to work with.”

Farrell and Jarrettown Elementary School have been maintaining digital student portfolios for over 16 years. In addition to accumulating over 100,000 pieces of art on Artsonia, Farrell has connected over 3,700 friends and family members to student galleries. Farrell’s efforts have created a more arts-centric community, as students’ works of art are visible all around the world.

“Artsonia has been a key element of my art room from the very start,” Farrell said. “It is a place where students can showcase their hard work and talents with their friends and family. It also builds a connection between the art room and home, allowing parents to follow along with what we are doing, even if they may not get to see the actual work in person for a little while.”

“Our mission at Artsonia is to bring communities together to celebrate children’s artistic expressions,” said Jim Meyers, CEO, and co-founder of the company. “Teachers like Sara — who are passionate about the process of creating, recognizing, and cherishing student art move that mission forward.”

Photo: Artsonia