Lives of Blue Bell mother and toddler son saved by good Samaritans

Janilsa Ramos of Blue Bell and her 3-year-old son were saved by civilians in Norristown on Halloween night.

According to 6ABC News, three men helped Ramos and her son out of the car seconds before it burst into flames.

“I see these three young men running up to my car, and they came up to my window very calmly and told me, ‘Your car is on fire and you need to get out,'” said Ramos. “Maybe 30 seconds later, the front end of my car was completely engulfed in flames.”

Firefighters arrived and quickly put out the car fire.

The three young men own a charity called Rotation Gives and are planning to raise money to help Ramos and her family replace the car,

For the full story, you can click here or watch the video below:

Screengrab: 6ABC