Local municipalities held reorganization meetings this week

This week the local municipalities held reorganization meetings to swear in new members and determine leadership of their boards and/or councils. Below is a breakdown of what happened in each municipality we cover.

Borough of Ambler

In Ambler, two new members, Amy Hughes (ward 1), and Lisa Auerbach (ward 2) were sworn into office, along with incumbents Erin McKenna Endicott (ward 1), Karen Sheedy (ward 1), Glynnis Siskind (ward 2), and Nellie Agnes Frost (ward 3). Also sworn into office were incumbents Mayor Jeanne Sorg and Tax Collector Jennifer Stomsky.

Once the new board took office, its members voted to name Siskind as president and Haley Welch as vice-president.

Lower Gwynedd Township

In Lower Gwynedd, Michael Twersky and Janine Martin were sworn into office. Both are newcomers to the board of supervisors. The board then chose Danielle A. Duckett as chairperson and Twersky as vice-chair.

Upper Dublin Township

In Upper Dublin, incumbents Meredith L. Ferleger (ward 2), Ira S. Tackel (ward 4), and Alyson Fritzges (ward 6) were sworn into office. Tackel and Robert H. McGuckin were named president and vice-president.

Whitpain Township

In Whitpain, newcomers Joyce Keller and Scott Badami were sworn into office. The members of the new board named Kim Koch chair and Michele Minnick as vice-chair.