Lower Gwneydd Among Several In Montgomery County to Receive Traffic Light Improvements

As part of Pennsylvania Department of Transportation’s “Green-Light-Go” program, Lower Gwneydd Township will receive over $100,000 from Pennsylvania for traffic light improvements.

From the Lower Gwynedd-Ambler-Whitpain Patch:

Lower Gwynedd Township — $132,425 to improve the traffic signals at the intersections of Bethlehem Pike and Dager Road, Tennis Avenue and Norristown Road, and Bethlehem Pike and Tennis Avenue…


Made possible by Act 89, the state’s transportation funding plan, the program establishes partnership agreements between municipalities and PennDOT through which municipalities request up to 50-percent funding for traffic-signal projects, according to Wolf’s office.

The money Lower Gwenydd will receive is part of a total of $12 million that 109 municipalities in the State will receive, including 20 townships in Montgomery County.