Lucky Well’s Chef Chad Rosenthal Launches a Kickstarter Campaign to Train, Mentor and Hire Those Struggling to Overcome Poverty

In our article last week , we reported that a second Lucky Well location is scheduled to open this summer in the Spring Arts District of Philadelphia.

Since then, Chef Chad Rosenthal has shared his plans for the second Lucky Well and an attached Commissary that will employ those in need.  That means that the new space will not only operate as a full service restaurant and bar, but will also produce and package the signature dry rub spice and sauces for all of his locations, and in doing so, will employ those struggling to overcome poverty and homelessness.

The Lucky Well team will partner with local shelters and organizations that serve populations in need on a daily bases to identify, connect with, and extend opportunities to potential candidates.  The ultimate goal is to foster a positive work experience under well trained management that supports and helps these employees achieve a skill set to sustain a career in the hospitality industry, independence and self-sufficiency.

Chad discusses his vision for the project and his Kickstarter campaign in the below video:

The funds raised from this campaign will be used to build the kitchen and purchase equipment for The Lucky Well Commissary, as well as used to purchase a vehicle to distribute and deliver products to wholesale and retail partners. Some of the funds raised will go towards training new employees, provide transportation, and provide uniforms, tee-shirts, pants and shoes.  For more information and to back this project, visit the Lucky Well Commissary Kickstarter page.

Chad will be on Instagram live tonight at 9pm and 11pm cooking bone-in Ribeyes his favorite way and talking about the campaign. Give him a follow on Instagram and tune-in tonight!