PA Football History profiles 1940’s Ambler High School legend Earle Mundell

PA Football History just published a profile of 1940’s Ambler High School back Earle Mundell. After discussing some great modern-day accomplishments in football, the article details just how great Mundell’s high school football career was. From the article:

But what if I told you this player did so in 1947, when everyone played both ways on grass fields and without facemasks? That he did so for a high school that no longer exists? That he played against opponents determined to knock him out of the game? And that he stood just 5-foot-4 and weighed 147 pounds? This is the story of Earle Mundell, a tiny back from Ambler High School with blazing speed that led him to additional fame on the track. A player who ran for more yards than anyone in Pennsylvania history up to that point, yet whose name has largely faded into history.

Read the full article here. Mundell passed away in 2017. You can read his obituary here.