Pet Of The Week | Benson

The Pet of The Week is a bulldog named Benson.  Benson’s owners lovingly refer to him as Benny, and wrote:

Benson, Benny the bulldog. Benson is a lover of anything ball related! Give him a ball, tennis ball, basketball, lacrosse ball, anything that remotely resembles a ball and you have a happy dog! He could play ball for hours on end. While his first love is clearly the ball, his love of family is a close second. He would give anything to be with his family every second of every day. He is a loyal companion. Greeting us by the door as we return home after a long day of school and work! Benny is certain to be at the front door even before our car pulls into the driveway. We can always count on Benny boy to keep us cozy and warm on a cold winter’s day. Each night he can be found snuggled up by our feet! Couldn’t ask for a better friend! No lonely days with Benny by our sides!

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