Power outages impact Ambler water facilities

The Borough of Ambler issued a notice today that the storm resulted in power outages that impacted its water facilities. Due to that, water is temporarily coming from Aqua. The notice also mentioned that you can help lessen the impact by conserving water until power is fully restored.

Below is the notice:

The recent storm has caused several power outages at Ambler’s water facilities. To ensure an adequate supply of water we are temporarily partnering with Aqua water. We are required by D.E.P. to inform our customers that Aqua uses a different processing method to ensure safe drinking water. Ambler uses a Free Chlorine method, while Aqua uses a Total Chlorine method. While the treatment method is different it results in safe drinking water. Please assist us by conserving water until power is fully restored in storm damaged areas. Please visit this website for updates.