Proposal to Ambler’s Plastic Ordinance to Add Position of “Officer of Straw Enforcement”

Taking a cue from Washington, D.C.’s Plastic Ordinance, Ambler’s Environmental Advisory Council (AEAC) is pushing to add teeth to Ambler Borough’s Plastics Resolution 2019-1. The AEAC is calling for the hiring of an officer specifically tasked with monitoring the use of plastic at local businesses, especially plastic straws.

As reported in the Washington Post, Washington D.C.’s Officer of Straw Enforcement, Zach Rybarczyk, is an inspector for the D.C. Department of Energy and Environment, and was hired to enforce the District’s ban on plastic straws.

According to a document obtained by, the proposed position of “Officer for Straw Enforcement” would be empowered to issue warnings and fines.

The AEAC is seeking the public’s support for this measure. You can sign a petition here.