The Real Beverly Goldberg’s Furniture for Sale at a Maple Glen Auction

It is purely co-incidental that just featured the real Geoff Schwartz from The Goldbergs last month, and now the real Beverly Goldberg is auctioning some of the family’s well recognized furniture at an auction house in Maple Glen.

The real life Beverly Goldberg is downsizing, and some of the items included in this sale are from her Jenkintown home and also replicated for the show. Some of the items include: the bedroom set of Adam and Barry, Murray’s easy chair and the matching father/son wingback chairs.  There will be many more pieces and well-known items that will be auctioned for sale which runs through March 26th.

The sale is being handled by family-owned Locati, LLC which is a leading online source of high-end decorative arts and antique furniture located on the historic Lukens Manor Property in Maple Glen. (map it)

For more information about this auction, visit the Locati website.