There’s Something New Brewing in Ambler…

You may have noticed while driving around Ambler, there is a large mug of beer depicted in the window of 57 e. Butler. Ave. While the artwork is courtesy of Mermaid Art Studios, the subject matter is courtesy of a “coming soon” brew pub, the Tannery Run Brew Works.

Tannery Run Brew Works is the dream of two Amblerites, Timothy Brown, 36 and Mac Comly, 35. The duo recently took one big step forward in fulfilling their dream by signing a lease at what used to be the Ambler Cabaret Building. The idea is to turn the site into a haven for local Beers, Hard Ciders and Wine, with the flagship brand being brewed in-house by Brown and Comly. The pub will also offer lite faire with vegan options and will have two floors with approximately 80 seats.

Brown and Comly have been brewing together for a little over a year but have known each other since 1999 as high school chums, then roommates and now neighbors in Ambler. In their words, they’ve been “drinking together for a long time”. Brewing beer was originally Brown’s idea and project, but after a time living in Wisconsin due to work obligations and enjoying the beers that area had to offer, the brewing bug bit Comly. When he returned to Ambler, a partnership was born.

The recent PA Liquor Reform Bill (House Bill 1690), signed into law by Governor Wolfe in June helped make this endeavor possible as language in the Bill allows those with a brew pub license to also offer locally distilled spirits. Formally, only “limited wines” were allowed under this license, which is significantly easier to obtain than a Liquor license from the State. With the ability to now offer locally brewed beers and spirits, Brown and Comly decided they now had a way to showcase their unique brewing method among other local purveyors and make a business from a hobby. The “Split Mash” brewing concept that Brown and Comly employ will allow them to brew related beers from splitting the runnings of a single mash. This increases the output of their brewing, allowing them to brew different beers with similar AND unique flavors.

Carly Chelder, 36 is Brown’s significant other in life and when it comes to Tannery Run Brewery. Described as the “glue that keeps it together” Chelder utilizes her experience as an office manager to help keep the project on track and focused. Considering the anticipated opening is the Summer of next year, she’s got a lot to keep together!

We will update you on Tannery Run Brewery as the project develops.

Timothy Brown, Carly Chelder and Mac Comly - obviously serious about brewing - Photo Courtesy of Devin Spillane
Timothy Brown, Carly Chelder and Mac Comly – obviously serious about brewing – Photo Courtesy of Devin Spillane