Three positive cases within Wissahickon School District

The Wissahickon School District announced today that as of the morning of September 18th there have been three positive cases of Coronavirus involving students and staff. Two cases involved students (one at Lower Gwynedd Elementary) and one Wissahickon High School student. The elementary school student is attending class at school and the high school student is attending virtually. The third person is an employee at Stony Creek Elementary who was working on campus.

The notice provides details on how the cases were handled as it pertains to the other students and staff, along with the buildings.

In the two in-person cases, the school community was immediately notified (no personally identifying information, of course) and the proper response protocols were activated (e.g., an expanded cleaning effort). Also, the Montgomery County Office of Public Health (OPH) was immediately provided with a list of people (if any) who may have been in “close contact” (defined as within six feet for 15 or more consecutive minutes) so that their contact tracing operation could begin. We will continue to communicate with individual school communities, as needed and as soon as a positive case is known. As for the district as a whole, regular total count updates will be provided at each public Board meeting during the Communications Committee report