Update on assault arrest in Whitpain Township. Victim shares story on social media

NBC10 and FOX29 both have reports tonight on the man who was arrested on June 16th after being suspected of assaulting a woman in Whitpain Township.

FOX29 reports that the man arrested is 36-year-old Malcolm White of Brooklyn, NY. In this report, it is also noted that the woman was attacked while leaving work in the parking lot of Henkels & McCoy off of Jolly Road in Blue Bell (Whitpain Township). This report also notes that White was released from prison in New York in January and that he has a history of assaulting women prison guards.

FOX29 Reporter Steve Keely tweeted that White is also being investigated for a series of attacks on women in Philadelphia in the days leading up to the attack in Whitpain Township.

NBC10’s report has the timeline of the series of attacks and video of the violent attack on three women in South Philadelphia. Warning this video shows the attack very clearly. It happened right in front of a camera.

Erika Rothenberger, the woman who was attacked in Whitpain Township, shared her story and a photo of her injuries on Facebook and Instagram. In the post she stated that by sharing her story she hopes she can encourage people to be more aware of their surroundings and hopefully prevent an innocent person from going through a similar situation.