Upper Dublin to create Girls Wrestling team, Safety Coordinator position

The Upper Dublin School District recently announced its intentions to create a Girls Wrestling team and a Safety Coordinator position within the district.

From the Superintendent’s Report, which was released on June 26:

Safety Coordinator – We recommend that a Safety Coordinator position be created. The successful candidate for this position will oversee all facets of safety and security across the District. The Safety Coordinator will continually assess and make recommendations for improved safety and security in all of our schools. The interview processes for this position are currently in progress; we hope to be able to share the name of our Safety Coordinator soon!

Girls Wrestling – A motion appears on the agenda tonight to approve the creation of a girls’ wrestling team. Beginning July 1, 2023, PIAA is officially sanctioning Girls Wrestling and the Athletic Director recommends that we begin a Girls Wrestling program for the 2023-2024 school year.

In related news, the district received a $218,515 School-Based Behavioral Health American Recovery Plan Act Grant:

Behavioral Health Grant – The District has been awarded a $218,515 School-Based Behavioral Health American Recovery Plan Act Grant which is being awarded through the Montgomery County Department of Health & Human Services. This grant will fund a multi-year social worker to assist students and families in various ways including, but not necessarily limited to, navigating mental health services, securing free or reduced meals, and accessing services for students outside of school.