View final presentation of Mermaid Lake master plan. Funding for plan still undetermined

On November 10th, there was a presentation on the final rendition of the master plan for the Mermaid Lake property that Whitpain Township purchased in 2020. The plan was developed by consultants for the township over the past 12 months., during which there were four public meetings and eight committee meetings to generate ideas and potential uses of the property. There was also a survey of the public (that received over 1,200 responses).

From a post-presentation notice from the township:

The Master Plan presents a possible road map for the future development of the park. The final plan drew heavily upon public input and calls for the removal of the current pool and dam and naturalization of the waterway running through the Mermaid property. Besides being in the middle of the floodplain, the existing pool is well beyond its useful life. 

Removal of the pool and dam will make way for an environmentally sensitive restoration of the waterway which will create riparian buffers, enhance wildlife habitat, and reduce downstream flooding by increasing stormwater capacity. 

The final master plan also shows inclusive nature-based playgrounds, pickleball courts, public restrooms, space for a potential public pool, and the preservation of various structures on the property, including the barn and farmhouse.

It is important to note that consultants have determined a new pool can fit on the site, but a separate feasibility study should occur to determine the viability and size of any potential public pool.

A Master Plan of this nature is used to help guide the Township as decisions about the property are made in the coming years and decades. Not all the improvements listed in the plan will necessarily be built in the future. 

Funding will play a major role determining which of the improvements listed in the plan come to fruition. Possible sources of funding include, grants, public/private partnerships, donations, adjustments to the earned income tax specifically for open space, and adjustments to real estate taxes. 

The township paid $8.177 million for the property. As the final quoted paragraph above states, the funding for the master plan has not yet been determined.

You can view the master plan here.