Voters Will Have Opportunity to Become Familiar with New Voting System at Voting Machine Demo in Ambler Borough

Voters will have the opportunity to become familiar with the new voting machines that will be used for the May 21st Primary by attending a special MontCoPA event on Saturday, April 6th at Ambler Borough Hall. See event details here. Registration is encouraged but not necessary to attend this event.

Montgomery County’s new Voter-Verified Paper Ballot System will replace the current electronic push-button voting machines the county purchased in 1996 which were nearing the end of their useful life and will provide a modern voter-marked paper balloting system with a verifiable paper trail that can be audited to ensure votes are being counted accurately.

“Voters will still be able to privately cast their ballot, just like the current system, and the simple paper ballot will give them the highest confidence that their votes will be accurately recorded and counted,” said Dr. Val Arkoosh, Chair of the Montgomery County Board of Commissioners.

Dominion vote tabulator

In most cases, voters will use a pen to fill out a ballot and have an opportunity to check it for accuracy before submitting it to scanner that tabulate the votes and keep the ballot in a secure container for audits or recounts.

Each polling place will also have an ADA touchscreen machine that can be used to select candidates. When the voter is done filling out the ballot, the touchscreen machine will print out a paper ballot that the voter can verify before submitting it for tabulation.