Whitpain Township Offering Free Trees

The Whitpain Township Shade Tree Commission is offering a limited number of free trees to Township residents who meet qualifying criteria. The program is called  the Whitpain Township Free Street Tree Program and was put in place in order to increase property values and to benefit the community through new street trees. In order to apply, you must be a property owner.

Here are the other criteria (From Whitpain Township):

Qualifying Criteria for a Free Street Tree

Proposed street tree location must be within 10 feet of the street or
sidewalk adjacent to the street.


The street tree location must be clear of all underground and overhead
utilities. Homeowners are required to call PA One Call to have utilities
marked in advance of tree planting. This is a free service.


Home-owner assumes all responsibility for the Street Tree including but not
limited to regular thorough watering during the initial two year
establishment period.


Homeowner must sign a Homeowner Street Tree Agreement.

For more information or to sign up, click here and then send your application to Whitpain Township, 960 Wentz Road,
Blue Bell Pennsylvania, 19422.