Whitpain Township’s Board of Supervisors weighs in on abortion debate with potential local ordinance

Whitpain Township’s Board of Supervisors voted during its September 6th meeting to advertise an ordinance dealing with reproductive rights. The ordinance would amend the township’s code by adding the following new chapter:

“No police officer or other person acting under color of law on behalf of Whitpain Township or using resources or assets belonging to Whitpain Township shall conduct any investigation, make any arrest, file any criminal charges, cooperate with any other officer, agent, agency, or department, or participate in any prosecution in which a person is accused of facilitating, providing, or receiving abortion services with the consent of the pregnant person during the first twenty-four weeks of any pregnancy, or when the life or health of the pregnant person is endangered by continuation of the pregnancy.”

You can read the entire proposed ordinance here. The board of supervisors is scheduled to consider adopting the ordinance during its September 20th meeting.

Radnor Township adopted a similar ordinance prior to the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade, but after the draft of the decision had been leaked. The Philadelphia Inquirer reported on this ordinance here.